At the tender age of seven my parents already had noticed my passion for drums and rhythm and supported these skills with a white Sonor drumset. Unfortunately I cannot specify the exact series anymore. Since then a lot of drum kits as well as bands and projects have come and disappeared . At the media section among other you can listen to the first real demo-recording of my first band L.O.V.. I digitised the old tapes, so don´t roast me that hard if some parts are wobbling a little bit. All other songs were recorded in the digital age!

After over ten years of Electro Baby our Psychedelic Stoner Metal lastly proved itself as an indestructible symbiosis of various influences and by the new album “Evilution” it became a style which has been chalked more often a red thread. As the drummer of  the E-Babes and by dint of my experience with several most varied bands it seems that I give the songs a kind of special personal touch. First of all jazzy 70´s vibes fire my inspiration regarding my drumming and the song arrangements.

By the way, the name Drumgod is not based on boundless overestimation of myself and should be taken with a pinch of salt. The idea was born when we recorded the first EP of Electro Baby and every member should come up with a cool pseudonym. Passing the “Virtual Out Of Time Drummer” the short and simple name “Drumgod” was elected by the other musicians and sometimes it turns into “The Incredible Drumgod”.

Since the foundation of the band this certain self-deprecating wink has become a kind of  trademark and shows that despite professional requirements you can have a lot of fun making music…






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